Tips to Maintain a Newly Cleaned Carpet

Newly cleaned carpet will have had extracted virtually all of the accumulated and unpleasant dirt that’s been gathered in it. The experienced and professional carpet cleaners at a reputable company that offers quality carpet cleaning services Burbank CA have listed the best practices you need to make a habit to keep your newly professionally cleaned carpets fresh for a long time and make them look great. Keep on reading to be informed: 

Take advantage of carpet protectors 

The expert carpet cleaners would highly suggest that you take advantage of a carpet protector, which can prevent your carpet from getting re-soiled over again. If you use a carpet protector, you can avoid debris and stains from penetrating your carpet. Moreover, it’ll further increase the duration that your carpet can go without having to be cleaned.  

Take your time before moving your furniture 

You need to wait until your furniture pieces have dried up before moving them back in place. Most of the time, it would take at least24 hours for carpets to become completely dried. We recommend that you take the chance to have your floor vacuumed before returning your furniture. 

Switch on your fans 

Moving air is key to make sure that your carpet will dry more quickly further. So, if you use any ceiling fan or floor plan, don’t hesitate to turn them on now. 

Let your windows open 

Usually, your home’s level of humidity inevitably increases due to the newly cleaned carpet. Although, you’ll be able to reduce your home’s humidity level by opening your windows. Not to mention that this can also help your carpets to dry a lot quicker.  

Accelerate its drying time by increasing your room heating 

Increasing the heat within your home is only reasonable as it can help minimize the time that your carpet would need to fully dry. Carpet experts usually suggest carpet owners set the thermostat to 75 degrees Fahrenheit once they have freshly cleaned the carpet. The air’s warmth will easily penetrate the moisture, letting the carpet dry faster. 

Carefully walk on it 

Take note that damp carpets can be a huge threat due to their slipperiness. Because of that, it would be best if you try to carefully walk on your recently cleaned carpet. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to just not use it for 2-4 hours if possible. Though expert carpet cleaners can help in cleaning the stain, keep in mind that they can’t take out all of the debris found within and from your carpets. You can expect that some debris will still be noticeable on your carpet’s surface. Thus, if you walk on your carpet, chances are you’re only resolving it. Moreover, you can make your carpets flattened if you walk on the carpet right after it’s cleaned, causing them, to take a longer time to completely dry off.  

If you want more tips on how to maintain your carpets in general, don’t hesitate to visit our page more often. 

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